Sun again tomorrow before a chance of some snow!

10 April 2011

It was 3C in the village again this morning and having just Jean and Penny we decided to take it easy and have a look around. We started off the Borsat traverse and skied the meadows down towards the Grand Pre en-route to the Santons, then we skied the L, followed by an atmospheric trip over the Col Pers. The avalanche at the bottom of the Grand Torsai needs to be seen to be believed, with a fracture line of 2 to 3 metres. Scary!

Meanwhile Andreas was skiing with a new client Paul and his girls up at the Fornet while Chris, Tejina and Suzanne ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers. I could tell when Chris was coming through the Grand Torsai because out of my radio came, “holy Moses”! Henry was also in action but I’ve no idea of what he skied.

Gill, Kiera and I took the girls for a trip up the summer path above the gorge towards the refuge and it was fantastic. Stunning scenery, beautiful weather, and great ambience, especially for little people who are just experiencing this sort of adventure and exposure for the first time. Bravo girls!

Our last sunny day of this extraordinary run of outstanding sunshine is forecast for tomorrow before a little snow (rain in the village) on Tuesday and more snow again on Thursday. It would be nice to get enough snow to clean up the spring slopes and dare I say, maybe even give us a couple of days of powder skiing!

Sports Report- Can Rory hang in there and win his first Major at Augusta at the tender age of twenty-one? It’s going to be a great finish and I’ll be checking the scores (like a sad git) on the computer before bed and first thing in the morning. I’d love to see him win it!

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