Brilliant spring skiing with intersting exits!

11 April 2011

Chris reported 4C at his place this morning so we had another minimal freeze to work with, but at this time of year any freeze will do. Chris, Henry and I returned to the Crete du Genepy and it was absolutely superb top-to-bottom. Even the exit through the avalanche debris held up but once we hit the road we needed to take our skis off several times and then again at the bottom to get across to the Manchet lift. Henry swears he saw a Gypaete with a baby marmotte in it’s claws, although some think it must have been an eagle, but hopefully the debate can be settled through Henry’s photos.

We then skied over to the Fornet to finish with a wonderful Pays Desert and we ‘skinned’ out for five-minutes at the bottom. I had Jane F along for the first time in a few years and she was a big hit with Jonathan. Jonathan’s friend Bob from Whistler is also here this week, and he’s a jolly good sport leaving the best season Whistler has had in years to keep Jonathan company during our worst winter since 1949. Bravo Bob, that’s friendship!

Meanwhile Thomas took the Parker family over to Tignes for a change of scenery and Andreas had the morning off.

I had a great ski this afternoon with Julian G’s crew of Jemima, Ellie and Fred. We had a technique lesson but skied lots of good spring snow between the pistes and I was surprised at how good it was. (I’ve been spending my afternoons of late either mountain walking or sitting on the terrace and I’ve lost track of afternoon skiing).

Tomorrow’s forecast of snow has been changed to a cloudy night with little or no freeze and maybe some snow on Thursday. Bummer as I was getting use to the idea of skiing some powder in the Glacier Pers. Still, we’ll wait and see what the day brings and we’ll do our best to make the most of it. (It’s Gill’s birthday tomorrow so fingers crossed for a nice day!)

Sports Report- I woke up a 6AM to check the Masters results and was bummed to see Rory had disintegrated on the back nine. Andreas stayed up to watch it and said it was a sad sight. Still, it was a great tournament with some thrilling drama, and Rory still played three wonderful rounds and will bounce back for the next major. He’s a class act and getting better by the day.

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