Not the easiest morning of the season!

12 April 2011

It was one of the toughest mornings of the season so far with 5C in the village at 8AM and overcast skies. There was cloud cover during the night so there was very little freeze to speak of, except at altitude, and with no sunshine to soften the frozen surface, the spring slopes weren’t going to be very pleasurable. So after testing the snow and deciding that the big slopes hadn’t taken enough of a freeze to be safe so we all thought it might be better to go skiing and save the walking for tomorrow when we hopefully will have a better freeze and good visibility.

We all skied the smoothest pistes we could find and worked our way to Les Boisses and back finishing up around 12:45, which was a pretty good effort from everyone aboard. Bravo everyone! Tejina then carried on the Chris while I skied with Julian and his daughter Jemima.

(Jean didn’t ski today so there won’t be any photos unless he’s taken some about town. Nice timing on your day off Jean!)

Kiera’s taking care of the girls tonight so Gill and I can go out for dinner to celebtrate Gill’s birthday. Thanks Kiera and Happy Birthday Gill!

Hopefully the weather will sort itself out and we’ll be back in business tomorrow.

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