Wow, what a brilliant morning!

13 April 2011

We temperature dropped dramatically last night resulting in the deepest re-freeze of the spring. It was so hard this morning that the timing we’ve been used to for arriving on the spring slopes at the perfect moment over the past two-weeks was between one-and-a-half to two-hours later. Instead of rushing to get places and skiing slopes at the ‘limit’ of support, today we were taking our time willing the snow to soften.

Henry, Thomas and I opened with the first Kern of the season and although it was still on the firm-side it was good skiing with great views and ambience. We spotted our escape route from the Olympique and managed to hit it as the strips of snow of ski out on are few and far between.

From there we headed up to the Crete du Genepy (Andreas and Chris were already on their way up) and arrived at just the right time. I started skiing down around 11:20, which was one-and-a-half hours later than a couple of days ago, and the snow was outstanding top-to-bottom, and because the snow was supporting so well we could ski different routes as well. The route out at the bottom was much easier and it was a cracking good ski.

Andreas then took the Browne family up to the Fornet to go over the Col Pers for a late finish, Chris skied the L, Thomas and I skied across the top of the cliffs in the Marmottons for ambience and Henry skied the piste to finish off a fantastic morning.

Jean was back in action so we should have some great photos.

Although it’s still sunny without a cloud in the sky a possibility of some snow, especially towards the Fornet is forecast for tomorrow. We’ll just wait and see what the day brings!

PS If we do get some new snow the fact that we’ve had a seriously good re-freeze will greatly improve the quality of the new snow as well as help stabilize the mountain. Great news really!

PSS Sharon M skied off-piste today for the first since breaking her ankle on the first day of the season when after spending a brilliant morning off-piste she was taken out in the tunnel on the Verte. Great to have you back Sharon!

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