An unexpectedly great outing!

14 April 2011

Because it was so cold on Tuesday night and it didn’t really soften on western and northern slopes yesterday, we had another good re-freeze even though it was cloudy during the night. It was cloudy this morning as well and with only a few flakes of snow overnight, it was potentially going to be a tricky morning. Our best bet was gentle slopes that hadn’t been skied, and lower altitudes where the warmth of the day would help soften the surface because the sun wasn’t going to be a helping factor. The perfect place today was going to be the Sachette so we had an ‘Alpine’ outing in that direction with Thomas, Chris, Henry, Andreas and I all heading that way.

The piste skiing en-route to the Palafour was really good as the snow was much softer than over the past week or so, and instead of enduring frozen pistes that shake your fillings the ski down was very enjoyable. Getting into the Sachette is much harder work now as we needed to traverse much lower then either ‘skin’ or ‘boot’ it up to the little Col. The Sachette itself was excellent and although it was firm it was smooth, and in some places there were strips of fresh snow that evoked some sighs of delight from ‘Whistler Bob’ and Jane. About halfway down the surface started to soften up with the warmth of the day and it just got better and better towards the bottom. Thomas decided to try skiing all the way down and then deal with the Sache piste, which turned out to be a great call. After radioing to say that it was only a short walk between patches of snow Henry and I decided to come down as well. Bravo Thomas!

We then finished with the Familial and a potentially tough morning turned out to be a very good ski with great ambience, solitude, and with the characters we have here at the moment, some good laughs as well.

It has snowed lightly this afternoon and we should have some good skiing again tomorrow. The snow will smoothen out the spring slopes and if we’re lucky we might even get enough fresh snow to leave some ‘Alpine’ tracks in.

Recent quotes: When learning that Andreas had ‘skinned’ up the Face du Bellevarde this morning starting at 6:15AM, Henry said, “What did you do that for!”

Jonathan loved this morning’s outing and when we were most of the way down the Sache piste said, “That was my favourite run of the week”. Thirty seconds later he managed to ski off the only strip of snow onto the mud, where he threw himself to the ground and rolled over a few times, covering himself in gooie mud. Once Bob realized that Jonathan was uninjured, he said, “Jonathan, aim for the white stuff!”

My 5-and-a-half-year-old daughter Katie asked, “Why did Jesus make the sun so that it hurts your eyes?” There is a little confusion there between Creator and Son but I thought it was a good question.

There were a few other quotes but since this is a family site they weren’t really printable.

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