December 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

22 December 2007

Sorry but I’ve had trouble up-loading over the past few days.

(20th) The high-pressure system remains and we enjoyed another beautiful sunny day with slightly warmer temperatures. Unfortunately the easterly wind is picking up again and is damaging snow that is trying its best to re-generate into ski-able snow. We still managed an excellent morning with Chris and I skiing strips of frisset off the Borsat en-route to Mont Roup, while Andreas is skiing with his Thai clients. No snow is forecast as the high remains well installed so we’ll enjoy the sunshine and walk again tomorrow.

Sports Report- The Calgary Flames won again making it six wins from six games on a long road trip, which is a fantastic achievement from a team that had been struggling. Radio Will also mentioned in his e-mail that footballers are all a bunch of fairies, but I like to see him tell Roy Keane that!

(21st) Sexy Lexi announced only -2C this morning, which was just as well as the easterly wind was gusting up to 70 kph at 2500m’s. Chris and I ‘skinned’ up under the Crete du Genepy and found some great snow top-to-bottom. There isn’t that much snow about that hasn’t been either tracked or affected by the wind, and today’s outing was a really good result. I’m not too sure what Andreas and Olivier did today but Jean Marc has returned home to pick up his children before returning for Christmas. Pietro will be back around the 26th to start skiing on the 27th, while I’m about to go into ‘panic mode’ as I try to sort out our apartment before Gill and the girls arrive Boxing Day.

(22nd) We had flat light for the first time in ten days or so today, and with it a more difficult morning as we need visibility to read the snow properly. Still, it was a decent morning with Chris and I skiing the first Sachette of the season. The snow cover was very thin on top and we needed to scramble through rocks to get onto the main pitch, but once there the snow was soft and fairly easy. Mid-way down the skiing was excellent before toughening up towards the bottom. We may see some light snow over the next couple of days but we’ll wait and see. Chris was breathalysed last night on his way home, which is rare in town and a warning to anyone who has a few beers before heading back home. Red Ray and Adrian are coming over this afternoon to help me sort things out as time is running out before the girls arrive, thanks boys! And come on you Hammers!

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