Jolly chilly with wonderful skiing!

15 April 2011

Chris whetted our appetites by saying he skied in 10cm’s of fresh snow on the Pissailles Glacier yesterday afternoon so we all headed up that way this morning. It was forecast to close in and at first it looked as if we’d have a problem with the clouds, but fortunately they stayed away all morning long and we profited from great visibility. Unfortunately Chris may have been exaggerating about the depth of new snow, but there was enough to make an important difference as it was jolly cold again today and as the sun wasn’t going to soften any slopes the few centimetres of fresh snow gave us a good ‘feel’ underfoot.

Chris and I skied an excellent Pays Desert out wide, Thomas was out that way as well with the Parker family, and Andreas skied a ’classic’ Pays Desert. We cut back towards the bottom to avoid too much of a walk and then we all went over the Col Pers, with Thomas and I skiing a lovely Tour de Lechoir before ‘skinning’ out while Andreas and Chris skied the regular route in great snow. The bottom was still really firm as the sun hadn’t put a dent in it so you needed to be extra careful getting out above the gorge. Chris had second thoughts as Rob was uncomfortable with it all so Chris ‘skinned’ back up over the Col. Bravo to 12-year-old Helena who was ‘skinning’ for the first time and she skied and walked brilliantly! I took my funky route very carefully as it faces the sun and because it doesn’t get skied it wasn’t as hard. Both during my route and the ‘classic’ exit at the bottom there were sections were no turns were allowed and we just side-slipped as a ‘whipper’ would have been disastrous. It was a fantastic outing and a really good finish to Gill’s off-piste for the season as the girls are now on school holidays before they leave next Wednesday.

Jonathan invited Gill and I for lunch today but he forgot his wallet and Bob had to pay. Thanks Bob! And thank you to Kevin and Jane for a lovely lunch yesterday, it’s been great seeing you both again.

We may have a few flakes floating about tonight but the forecast is for sun during the next week, although it will be much fresher than the past two-weeks, which is great for conserving the snow we have left.

PS Great photos again Jean, merci beaucoup!

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