A wonderful morning, a lovely lunch, and a brilliant afternoon!

16 April 2011

Radio Val announced -1C this morning but it was another solid freeze, which held up all-day long. I was the only one working today and I gave my team of Bob, Jonathan, Victoria, Mark, and Jean a choice between a couple of options and they chose the Glacier Pers. We were the only ones out there and it was beautiful with a trackless mountain and sunshine. It was excellent from top-to-bottom and we then ‘skinned’ out and took my funky route down the Grand Torsai. The sun had much more punch in it today so it was softer, and safer on the lower slopes.

The entire team went to the Crozet where I met Gill, Millie, Katie, Rosie and her dad Rob, and everyone treated themselves to a gastronomically delightful dandelion salad. They are absolutely wonderful and it was a great finish to Jonathan and Bob’s holiday, and Mark and Victoria’s season.

After lunch I took Millie, Rosie and Rob up to ski some off-piste and we had a fantastic afternoon skiing the Grand Vallon all the way to the bottom, followed by the Combe du Signal beside the impressive avalanche debris, then a second Grand Vallon to the valley floor. Brilliant! With the cold weather over the past couple of days it was perfect all the way to the bottom at 3:45 and really great skiing, with no one else about. It’s amazing how Millie takes these vast areas and potentially intimidating slopes in her stride and skis confidently and without fear. Bravo Millie and Rosie! (Rob as well for that matter)

Now all I need to top off a perfect day is for the Hammers to score a winner in the next 15-minutes. Fingers crossed!

It looks as if we’re in for some great weather again this week, which suits Gill and the girls perfectly.

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