Wow, another terrific day!

18 April 2011

After another good freeze Andreas, Chris, Thomas and I took our teams up to the Crete du Genepy, which again was brilliant. It’s wonderful to have ‘clean’ snow and the surface had softened to perfection and the escape route out couldn’t have been better. There is some walking at the bottom to get to the Manchet lift, but it’s easy and pleasant and a small price to pay for the great skiing.

From there I headed up to the Pays Desert for another terrific run and had a picnic at the bottom of the Signal with Gill, Katie, Jane, Jumbo, and their boys Stuart and Angus. Meanwhile Andreas came up to the Glacier as well and Chris kept skiing until 3:15, when he caught the last bus down from the Pont St Charles.

I continued this afternoon with the McLaren clan after our picnic and we started with an excellent Combe du Signal, followed by three Grand Vallon’s. The snow held up beautifully right to the bottom, even at 4:30!

Sun is forecast for tomorrow morning but there is a nasty rumour of some rain in the afternoon. I wouldn’t mind a few centimetres of snow but we’ve organised to catch up with a few people on our terrace in the afternoon, so on this occasion I’d prefer the sun.

Thanks for the photos Jean and we wish you are great morning tomorrow for you to finish your season on. Your photos have been a great hit and a huge addition to the website. Merci beaucoup!

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