Goodbye to my girls!

20 April 2011

Radio Val announced 5C this morning but I’m sure they got it wrong as we had another good freeze that held up well all morning. Chris and I went to the Sachette for a cracking good ski but it’s getting tougher by the day to get out at the bottom. Meanwhile Andreas, Henry and Thomas went up to the Fornet to ski down to the refuge and walk out on the summer path.

I’m taking the girls to the airport this afternoon and I’ll miss their smiling little faces as they’ve had a superb season. School has gone really well, in fact it couldn’t have been better, they’ve loved the skiing and mountain walks, the social life, and the wonderful sunny weather that we seem to have had all winter long. Last night Millie said, “I hope there’s another volcano Dad!” as last year they stayed on for another 5 days.

Anyway, Chris took some photos and he’ll send them to Jean and I’ll write a longer update tomorrow.

PS Ness came up today to help Tansy out with her group. She’s a top assistant and did a great job. Bravo Ness!

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