Brilliant all-day long!

21 April 2011

It was 4C in town this morning and the good re-freezes continue, and as a result it was another stunning day of spring skiing. I started off with the Kern and it was slightly on the firm-side, but pleasant firm and it was a good opener. We then circled back around to ski a ‘clean’ strip that Mika and I had ‘sniffed’ out while traversing the first time around, and it was absolutely brilliant. There was a wind blowing so I wasn’t in a hurry to leave great snow so we came back around for a third Kern and it had softened to perfection. Result! We then headed up to the Fornet and climbed up from the Col poma for five-minutes to access a good pitch down above the little pond, then we skied way-out wide in the Pays Desert, which was excellent as well.

Meanwhile, Andreas started in the Borsat area and worked his way over the Fornet, where we met up in the Pays Desert, and they had a great morning as well. Chris was heading to the Col des Fours but when he saw the traffic (it seems to be popular at the moment) he changed his mind and ’skinned’ up the other side instead. Nice one JC!

Thomas and Henry we also in action but I’m not too sure what they skied. (Sorry but I’ve been a bit useless on that front over the past couple of days)

I enjoyed a terrific afternoon with Jane and Jumbo and their boys Angus and Stuart, along with my niece Rosie and her dad Rob. We skied the Combe du Signal followed by four trips through the Grand Vallon, and the last one we skied right to the bottom for a panache at 4:30. It’s great fun having young people out their, and neither Jane nor Jumbo has had much of a chance to ski off-piste the past few years. Rob hardly ever skis off-piste either and he picked up the prestigious ‘most improved skier of the week’ award. Bravo Rob!

I had a good run back from the airport last night and my darling Millie had a good cry as we said goodbye. They both had a wonderful time this winter and you can tell they’re getting to the age where they are really appreciating their environment. I’m a proud daddy!

I’ve heard a nasty rumour about 1metre-plus of snow next week. In February it would have been welcome but that much snow now would just shut us down. Five to twenty would be fun though, but anyway, it’s going to stay sunny!

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