An absolutely brilliant Crete du Genepy!

22 April 2011

Finally there is a change of weather brewing but not before we snuck in another fantastic morning. Radio Val reported 5C this morning but the Foehn wind continues to blow, and in exposed areas it was jolly chilly at times, so the freeze held up really well again today.

Chris, Andreas and I decided on the Crete du Genepy so we all headed up that way. Chris and I skied a strip near the Kern beforehand, which was just about perfect, then we followed Andreas towards the Crete. Andreas’ team ’skinned’ all the way to the top as there was time to let the snow soften, and they had great views and excellent skiing. Chris and I took our regular route but went up another 100 metres, which opened up a route I haven’t skied before. The snow was perfect top-to-bottom, the exit was a breeze, and although the walk out at the bottom gets a little longer each time, it’s easy and pleasant walking. From there Chris and I ‘skinned’ to the Col de la Madeleine to ski the top section on very nice snow before traversing and ‘skinning’ out for 15-minutes. We finished off a great morning (1:40) on the Marmottons before traversing back to the Solaise piste. Andreas was behind us as he climbed higher on the Crete du Genepy and I’m not too sure where he finished up. Thomas has a private group this week and he was heading to ‘skin’ up the Pramecou, which is a good variation that non of us have skied this year. I’ll find out how he got on at Andreas’ house later as we’re meeting up for a BBQ early evening.

It’s clouded over this afternoon and we could easily get some snow tonight, and 10 to 20 would go down a treat!

PS Sports Report- Well done to West Ham’s brilliant Scott Parker, who has won the Football Writers ‘Player of the Year’ award. Hopefully he can keep us up!

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