Momentarily back to winter!

23 April 2011

The weather changed drastically yesterday afternoon and through the night and we awoke to grey skies, wind and 6C in the village. From my window I could see fresh snow on the rocks at altitude and although it was socked-in towards the Fornet I felt there was fresh snow in that sector and we had a chance of a decent morning. Chris, Henry and I were the only ones working and we all decided to head into the wind because of the fresh snow and smoother surfaces, and we had a great morning. The light improved as Chris and I headed over the Col Pers and we ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers where we had strips with 10 to 15cms’ of fresh snow and patches of spring snow that had softened with a dusting of new snow on top. We ‘skinned’ back up to the Grand Torsai and the ski down from there was the best we’ve had in quite some time as the snow was pretty smooth and the surface had softened nicely. Brilliant! We then crossed over the river by the pond and had a ten-minute wait for the bus, which ended up with only ‘Alpine’ people on it.

I spent my afternoon at the Brussels for my annual lunch with Blue, Nina, and their friend Bill. Penny came along as well and we had a lovely time, but I protected myself not wanting a repeat of the alcohol poisoning I suffered four-years ago at the same venue. I still shudder just thinking about it! (If you find my update a little flaky I’m trying my best but Blue is a dangerous man)

Thanks to Andreas and Tansy for a fantastic BBQ yesterday evening. It was a great effort and thoroughly appreciated by everyone. Andreas’ brother Mathieu did a great job cooking and young Victor entertained the gathering with his left-footed Messi impersonations. Bravo Victor!

Sports Report- I’m watching the scores come in and am thankful the Sunderland have come back from 1-0 down to go up 3-1 against Wigan, and Fulham have just equalised against Wolves. I’m going to be brave and go up to the Pacific to watch West Ham try to get something against Chelsea, but …..

PS I had Jonathan Salmon skiing with me this morning for the first time in a few years and I’d like to give Ben Stockill a mention for a good performance this week. Well done Ben!

PSS What a match! The Hammers lost 3-0 in the end after two late goals, but we were in it, created chances, and played with pride. I had Gron, Myfanwy, Graham B, and Gideon cheering my boys on so it was good fun and an excellent game, but ever so cruel!

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