What a wonderful spring!

24 April 2011

What a spring! We’ve had the worst winter since 1949 snow-wise, yet we’ve skied good snow all season long, the pistes have been excellent, and I can’t remember better spring snow than what’s been on offer this April. It’s necessary to walk out here and there but that’s been part of the enjoyment and a small price to pay for ‘clean’ slopes and solitude. The walking out on summer tracks is something we may never experience again because if this is a 62-year cycle, the next time we have so little snow will be 2073 so I for one am enjoying the novelty of the situation. Anyway, everybody who has passed through here this spring has come with low expectations, but left happy and satisfied. (Bravo Chris, Thomas, Andreas and Henry for making the very best of what’s on offer)

As for today’s skiing, it was back to sunshine, fantastic snow, scenery, and great skiing. Chris’ and my teams skied the Pays Desert out wide where we had a trackless mountain, then I went over the Col Pers and skied wonderful spring snow on the ridge between the Vallonnet and the Col Pers before exiting via my funky route above the gorge, which had softened nicely. Meanwhile Chris had an afternoon lesson and didn’t want to risk missing the 12:45 bus from the Pont St Charles so he skied the Super L into the L to finish.

Andreas and Peter C are in training for Mont Blanc later this week so they climbed up to the summit of the Grande Motte along with Didier P, who will be going with them to Chamonix. Nice work boys and we hope to see some photos of the views. I’m not too sure how the got down but I’m sure it was interesting!

I skied with Penny, Claire C, Will, Carla, Liz and their pal Jim. It was Jim’s first time with us as well as he first go at ‘skinning’ and he thoroughly enjoyed the ‘skinning’, and the entire off-piste experience. Liz (from South Africa) had her first lessons years ago with Andreas when he was still at Snow Fun and has followed him to Alpine as well as bringing her friends along. Thanks Liz and well done Andreas for being nice to a beginner all those years ago!

I’m not too sure about the weather but we’re all taking it a day at a time, and I’m sure we’ll come up with some great skiing again tomorrow. (Nothing like sticking your neck out!)

I had a lovely chat with Millie and Katie this morning. They’re missing me and the skiing but they’re also having a great time getting back with their school friends, seeing their grandparents, riding their bikes, and basically switching over to their ‘other’ life. See you soon girls!

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