+6C this morning but outstanding skiing!

25 April 2011

There was cloud cover overnight, which affected the re-freeze and when radio Val reported 6C in the village at 8AM, we needed to make some decisions. The overnight cloud had dispersed and the sun was shining again so it was going to heat up quickly, but I thought we could ski a quick Kern to get started. It turned out to be excellent, as the main slope was perfect but the exit was ‘limit’, and Henry had just enough time to come around behind us about twenty-minutes later.

Meanwhile Chris was heading to the Crete du Genepy but once he tested the snow on the traverse he wisely changed his mind and had some great skiing on the meadow down to the Grand Pre and then skied the Santons.

From there we all headed to altitude at the Fornet where we skied a superb Pays Desert (with two ten-minute ‘skins’) and my team finished off with a lovely run in the Grand Vallon down Millie’s route. Many of us were tempted to finish off a fantastic morning with the wonderful dandelion salads at the Crozet so Claire C, Jonathan and his mum Judith, Marcia, Gron, Myfanwy, and Janet all savoured their first salad. Just as we were leaving Carla, Will and Jim were arriving for one as well as they had their first yesterday, and couldn’t help themselves!

Thomas was off this morning but will be back in action tomorrow and Andreas has gone off to Chamonix with Peter C and Didier P for an attempt at the summit of Mont Blanc. (I say attempt as they’ll need a little luck with the weather) Good luck boys!

We’ve fallen into a summer-type weather pattern where it’s sunny in the morning and with the heat of the day the clouds are rolling in during the afternoon. As long as it continues to freeze this is absolutely fine by me as the skiing is still excellent but unless it snows, a refreeze and sunshine are essential. Stay tuned!

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