Covering some ground!

27 April 2011

We had another good freeze last night and although the morning started of with clear skies, clouds seemed to appear from nowhere and I was worried that the snow wouldn’t soften. Fortunately there was a little dusting of fresh snow during the night, which help soften the surface giving us good skiing straight away.

I had Jeremy Robinson and Gideon this morning and I had hoped to open up with a couple on the Kern, which would have been perfect, but they closed the upper chairlift yesterday afternoon so plan ‘A’ was a no-go. Instead we went straight up to the Pays Desert and aided by the dusting we had an excellent ski. From there we skied a lovely Col Pers followed by the top half of the Grand Vallon, and then the Grand Vallon again to the bottom to finish at 1:30. The sun reappeared around 10:30 until 12:45 so the snow ended up softening quite nicely and we had pretty good visibility most of the morning. (Chris also skied the Pays Desert and the Col Pers with his team.)

Andreas and Peter C had a great trip to the summit of Mont Blanc and there are some photos on Facebook. They will be returning today and I’ll see Andreas tonight at our Jean Sports drinks party. Well done boys!

Millie is off for her first-ever school trip with one night away. She’s really looking forward to it and I hope she has a brilliant time.

There is a rumour of some snow over the next couple of days, anywhere from 10 to 30cm’s, so that will certainly change our nice little routine that we’ve got going at the moment. I’m happy with that as long as we’re not in a white-out. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow as we’ve only four days to go!

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