A morning off and mixed weather!

28 April 2011

I’ve had the day off and have been busy doing paperwork (sounds like Henry!), banking, packing and generally getting ready to leave on Sunday. It snowed a centimetre or two overnight and I think the re-freeze was light, and the morning started brightly enough but became overcast fairly quickly. I’m sure Andreas and Chris will have found something nice to ski up at the Fornet and Henry and Thomas started a hut-to-hut tour together this morning. Good luck boys!

Gill is missing Millie, who’s on a overnight school trip, because Katie has been so badly behaved! Katie had a little pal over and they drew all over her chest of drawers with crayons. It must have been her friends influence!

Hopefully we’ll get some decent weather to finish the season as we’ve three days to go.

Sports Report- Great goals from Messi last night. Jean will have been pleased!

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