Better than expected!

29 April 2011

I had a great meal at Peter and Claire C’s last night along with Derek and Claire Burns, and I didn’t get into bed until 1:30, which is a little late for me. (Thanks P and C for a lovely evening) Anyway, I felt pretty good this morning and Andreas and I both headed up to the Fornet for an excellent ski. It froze well overnight and with 5cm’s on a smooth base we skied the Pays Desert with good visibility, followed by an equally good Col Pers as it was closing in and starting to snow.

Derek and Peter went off to the Edelweiss for lunch while Claire returned home to watch the Royal Wedding at 12:30 and the rest of us stopped early as well.

Mixed weather is forecast for tomorrow but I think we should get in some more good skiing and Sunday’s forecast is for a sunny morning to finish off the season. Sounds good!

Wish me luck as I’ve my Co-proprietors meeting tonight, and it promises to be long and very interesting with a lot at stake. Fingers crossed!

PS Chris is in Lyon today and Henry and Thomas started their tour and will be in the Refuge des Fours this evening.

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