What a fabulous way to finish!

30 April 2011

What a brilliant morning! I’ve decided to head back to England tomorrow morning at 5AM so today was my last ski of the season, and I was determined to finish in style. It was overcast but we had a good re-freeze last night and with yesterday’s fresh snow there was a nice cushion, which was welcome as the sun wasn’t going to be a huge factor. Gideon, Derek, Suzanne and I warmed-up with a little shot down from the Col before heading into the Pays Desert, which was excellent. We then dove over the Col Pers, which was equally good and we caught the 11:45 bus. Next up was some really steep pitches in the Grand Vallon before cutting back to the chair-lift before finishing with a Grand Vallon down to the valley floor. It was a great morning to finish my season and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Meanwhile Chris and Andreas ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours, where they had some great skiing. Rupert forgot his back-pack, which of course housed his ‘skins’, so Suzanne gave him her pack and joined my team.

Andreas, Tansy, Peter C, Derek, Jeremy R, and Fay are all going to the annual piss-up for the closing of the Folie Douce. It’s a bit breezy and cool this afternoon so they may come away in better shape than last year, when everyone was absolutely slaughtered! No wonder with Derek and Colin leading Peter C, Paul W and Andreas astray.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to my packing. Chris is skiing tomorrow and will post an update and I’ll write something next week once I’ve settled in back in England. (Mind you I’m off to Canada to see my Dad next Friday) Sunny skies are forecast for tomorrow morning so all those who make the last day should be rewarded.

See you tomorrow afternoon girls!

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