December 17th and 18th

18 December 2007

It was -9C in the village this morning but the SE wind was absolutely bitter, and I changed my plans after about 30 seconds on the Borsat. I skied the Little Borsat Nord before bussing around to Le Lavachet to take the Chaudannes and Aiguille Rouge to access the bottom of the Sache, where the snow had been excellent and out of the wind. (Aiguille Percee is still closed) Andreas has had a private starting in Tignes the past few days, while Jean Marc and Olivier are using Val d’Isere as a base for touring this week. Suzanne has been skiing in Chris’ group and enjoying herself, Pietro has returned to Italy, and I haven’t seen Henry in ages, although I know he went to Norway for a day to give an Avalanche Presentation to the Army. My girls arrive on the 26th and John E is about to finish his masterpiece in their bedroom, which leaves me with some sanding, painting and tidying to do. I’ve been helping John but Kristina says I’m the one who passes the tools and makes the coffee. Cruel but true. The high pressure system remains and hopefully that nasty wind will calm down as it was jolly cold today.

December 18th.

Thankfully the wind died down and although it was still -9C in town this morning we had a much warmer day. Chris and I returned to our ‘stash in the Sache’ for another good morning while JM and Oli ‘skinned’ to the Col de la Glacier Suspendu (also in the same neighbourhood) and I’m sure they had a great day as well. They are doing day tours this week using the Espace Killy as their base while staying at Milaine and Babete’s Chalet Colinn at the Franchet. The wind had damaged many exposures but the cold temperatures are slowly regenerating some of the plaque and it won’t be long before some more options open up. I’ve had trouble logging-on from time to time, which is why there are so many double-day entries. Sorry but I do try to do the update daily.

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