What a brilliant half-term with the girls!

05 June 2011

At the beginning of each new month the diary page comes up blank, which doesn’t look very good to new-comers to the site, so I thought I’d write a few lines to remedy that situation.

After the bike ride for Katie’s school, which so far as raised well over £6000, I’ve taken to riding with some of the other dad’s every Sunday morning. We go out and do about 20 miles off-road and take in some classics such as the Graveyard, Barry Knows Best, the Yogurt Pots, Telegraph Row and the Waterfalls. It’s cracking good fun but I do let the side down a little on the descents as I can’t afford to come off and ride to protect myself. The rest of the dads throw themselves downhill between the trees and stumps and it’s pretty impressive. Bravo matt and Jules!

The girls have just had a superb half-term and we really made the most of it. We had Red Ray over for a BBQ, spent a day with Michele and her son Cassius, enjoyed a fantastic two days in Brighton with Jonathan followed by a lovely day on the beach at West Wittering, and today we’re having a BBQ at Fred and Liz’s, which is always a gastronomic delight. (I’d never really spent any time in Brighton and must say it’s a wonderful place and Jonathan’s hospitality was fantastic). Unfortunately I played a dreadful round at my Club Championships yesterday, but recovered from a quadruple-bogey and two doubles early on to get into the clubhouse with a half-respectable score.

On the sports front, I’ll be cheering on Roger Federer today in the final of the French Open after he played brilliantly in the Semi-Final and I didn’t think much of England yesterday.

The planning for the 2011-2012 season is up and running so do let me know your dates. We’ve had quite a few booking already so don’t hesitate to book early to avoid disappointment.

PS Check out Jean’s fantastic photos of his diving holiday in Egypt!

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