Some tragic news!

19 August 2011

I’ve some tragic news of the death of John Anderson, who died suddenly on August 1st, at the age of 62. John was a much loved member of Olivier and Jean Marc’s touring team and toured with the boys world-wide. He was a lovely caring man who always wore a huge warm smile that came from within. John was a positive person who had a calming influence on those around him and he was always a pleasure to be with. He will be sadly missed by his friends and family, and all those who knew him.

The girls and I are off to Canada tomorrow for two weeks to visit family and friends, as well as spending some time in the Rockies. During that time I won’t be answering e-mails so don’t worry if you try to book and do not receive a reply. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible on our return.

It won’t be long now before the new season is upon us so don’t hesitate to book up as soon as you know your dates. The planning has been up-and-running since May so book early to avoid disappointment.

Sports Report- I must say a thoroughly enjoyed Rory and Darren’s victories at the US Open and Open, and it was refreshing to see new champions crowned at Wimbledon. As for the Hammers, after a dreadful start they’ve won their last two games away, and the 4-0 win against Watford was very promising. I like what Big Sam has to say and the players he has brought in have had an instant impact, and it feels like a good season is ahead. (Hopefully we won’t lose Parker and Cole before the end of August). I haven’t yet started paying attention to the Premiership, but it promises to be very interesting with City’s new signings looking fantastic, with Arsenal on the ropes, while Man U’s youth are looking good, and with Chelsea still trying to buy some top talent at Harry’s expense. And congratulations to Peter Bergman for his ascent of Mont Blanc last week. Bravo Peter!

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