December 15th and 16th

16 December 2007

The cold nights have continued and yesterday (15th) was particularly cold because of a ‘sneaky’ wind that caught many people un-prepared. The skiing remains very good although we are running out of tricks as the wind has been working many exposures, and added to the tracks being laid each day our options are diminishing. We are still waiting for the Aiguille Percee to open as well as the Cugnai, both of which would access some great skiing. Richard Foster passed his Ski Club Reps test yesterday, well done Richard, and Clive and Penny have thrown back-to-back drinks parties that have gone down extremely well. Red Ray, Adrian, Simon F, Richard H, and Tony W are in town as we make the best of what’s left while we await another snowfall.

Sports Report- I missed the Liverpool vs Man U match but caught the second half of the Arsenal vs Chelsea game, which was thoroughly entertaining. Well done Gunners for bouncing back after last week’s loss to Boro and responding to Man U’s challenge after they beat Liverpool 1-0. The Hammers are hanging in there and played well in their loss to high-flying Everton, but three points next Saturday would be welcome before up-coming games with Man U, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

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