Off and running!

26 November 2011

We had a lovely start to the season today and after warming up on the piste from the Col down to the Cascade chairlift we dove off-piste straight away. I skied with Penny, John and Margaret while Chris skied with Johnny ‘Alpine’ and Andreas was in the neighbourhood as well on a scouting mission. After a few runs off the edge of the piste we ‘skinned’ up into the Pays Desert and enjoyed good frisset top to bottom. It was wonderful to be out in one of our favourite areas again and with the sun shining and having the place to ourselves, it was an excellent way to kick off the season.

It looks as if we’ll have more of the same for the next few days (which won’t be hard to take) with a rumour of a chance of snow on Friday. Fingers crossed on that one as there is absolutely no snow below 2500/2600 metres. Fortunately it’s cold enough for the snow cannons to be working during the night and they’re slowly laying strips of snow down the important runs into the village, and it won’t be long before they’ll be able to open those slopes. In the meantime, we’ll continue to enjoy what’s on offer.

Sports Report- Southampton lost today, and with the teams just below West Ham either drawing or losing, the Hammers have a great opportunity against Derby this evening. Come on boys! And Man U could only manage a draw against Newcastle, who played the last 15-minutes with ten-men. That result makes tomorrow’s City v Liverpool game even bigger and I’ve been invited by Johnny ‘Alpine’ to watch it and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also enjoying Roger Federer’s success at the O2.

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