Bananas is on fire!

27 November 2011

Breaking News- I saw smoke from my terrace and two minutes later Andreas phoned to say that Bananas was on fire. He thought it looked quite serious but for that moment we have no concrete information. Hopefully Ahmeed, Ricky and the rest of the staff are safe. (3:46PM) Regular update below.

It was another stunning morning with even warmer temperatures than yesterday, and we enjoyed another terrific ski. We had the same cast of characters as I skied with Penny, John, and Margaret, Chris was with Johnny ‘Alpine’, while Andreas skied with Al, who has a chalet company down in Ste Foy. We all headed straight out into the Pays Desert, but went further a field and had total solitude for the entire morning. Again, the snow was very good top to bottom, perhaps even better than yesterday, especially the big slopes down to the bottom from where we needed to ‘skin’ out.

The snow we’re skiing in at the moment is excellent but the Pays Desert is really the only show in town, so we won’t be skiing much else over the next few days. The forecast seems pretty certain that we’ll receive some much needed snow at the end of week, and hopefully that will open up some more options.

Sports Report- I was well pleased with West Ham’s victory yesterday and hopefully we can keep it up. I’m watching the Man City v Liverpool game tonight with Penny at Johnny ‘Alpine’s followed by one of his famous curries, and I’m really looking forward to it. Besides the game he makes a wicked curry. Thanks John!

PS Thank you Millie and Katie for the lovely cards!

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