Great skiing and an excellent lunch!

29 November 2011

The morning started off with a few clouds floating about but fortunately, and as forecast, the clouds cleared quickly and we had another beautiful day. With the only off-piste possibilities being on the Fornet Glacier we headed up there again today and after a little warm-up with a bit of technique on the piste we headed off into the Pays Desert for another excellent descent. John and Margaret were back in action, along with Penny, and we didn’t see anybody else until Andreas and Tansy arrived just as we were putting on our skins to climb out of the Pays Desert. Victor is now in school all day as of today so Tansy was enjoying a rare ski with Andreas.

Penny invited John, Margaret and I back to her place for a stunning lunch, so I’ve put my afternoon chores off until tomorrow. (Blasted wine at lunch time!) Thanks Penny!

The weather is slowly changing and we should start getting a little snow on Friday with a possibility of snow for the most of next week. A little snow dance wouldn’t go amiss so feel free to bounce around your living room. Zoe Zimmer took a photo of the fire at Bananas from her balcony but Radio Val wouldn’t use it because it showed how little snow there is below the top third of the mountain. (Well, actually there is absolutely no snow below that level) It is forecast to get colder so the snow cannons will be on 24-hours-a-day and the piste skiing will materialize before our eyes, and they may even be able to stage the races in 10 days time. Anyway, Val d’Isere has never let me down and I’m confident that the snow is just around the corner and we’ll end up having a good season. Stay tuned! (Big game for the Hammers tonight against Boro. Come on boys!)

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