Wow, that was close!

30 November 2011

If you can believe it, it was warmer still this morning and I had lunch on my terrace in shorts. Ridiculous! As for the skiing, John, Margaret, Penny and I had another very good run in the Pays Desert. It was incredibly quiet and the only people we saw today were Thomas (his first morning on skis this season) and his friend Johan, who were off in the distance. I think Thomas was quite impressed with the snow quality and he was happy to be back on skis.

The snow forecast , which was very promising yesterday is unfortunately looking less certain. Hopefully we’ll still get some snow out of it but the new forecast isn’t nearly as optimistic. Bummer but cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Penny and I went down to Bourg shopping this afternoon and had a near miss on the way back up. Some idiot was trying to pass four or five cars around a blind bend at considerable speed and I needed to hammer on the brakes and pull over next to the concrete barrier in order to give the wanker room to squeeze past. Incredible really. Our heartbeats changed drastically and I slowed down quite noticeably as I do like to enjoy the drive back up the mountain.

On a happier note, it’s happy days in Hammer land as the boys had a great 2-0 win away to Boro last night, and they’re slowly distancing themselves from the teams below them while keeping pace with the Saints. Great result and so far so good!

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