Suzanne's first tracks of the season!

01 December 2011

There was a slight breeze on the Glacier this morning but once we skied down a little to where it was sheltered it was instantly warm enough to drop several layers. We’ve been repeating ourselves due to lack of options, but the skiing has been fantastic. I tried hard with the photos this morning to give you some different angles, but our man Jean should be arriving next week to take over. Thanks Jean for posting the photos each day, it’s very much appreciated. Anyway, back to the skiing, it was another very pleasurable morning and Chris had Johnny ’Alpine’ along with Suzanne, who was skiing for the first time this season. We’ve done little ‘skins’ everyday so far and everyone involved is slowly getting into pretty good shape. It’s been very relaxing with great skiing and some nice breaks for tea and snacks, and so far we’ve had the Pays Desert to ourselves, which is very rare indeed.

This afternoon I had a really pleasant time with Richard H, who has been training hard over the summer and his skiing has benefited from it enormously. Bravo Richard! For a change of pace Penny, John, Margaret, Richard and I are going to start at 10 o’clock and do a couple of hours of technique tomorrow. (That should make for interesting photos but JC will be on the case!) Stay tuned for more ‘Alpine’ news tomorrow.

PS Millie and Katie have been under the weather back in the UK the past few days. Get better quickly girls, lots of love, Daddy.

PSS I forgot to mention that the World Cup Races have been cancelled.

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