An unexpected find!

02 December 2011

We decided yesterday to have a morning on piste today working on technique, and because of the limited conditions it was a nice change and very beneficial . I decided to take the opportunity to try my new boots, and after one-turn I knew I was going to be pleased with them and it was a great start to the day. From there it only got better as the young female pisteur who assisted last December during David’s tragic accident skied up to me and told me she’d climbed into the Combe du Signal during the summer and found my ski. I’d looked for 45-minutes in September when I was passing through town, and when I couldn’t find it I figured I’d never see it again. But because of what happened I’ve never thought too much about the skis and bindings, but since they were three-days old at the time it will be nice to have them back. Anyway, we had a good technical session this morning while Andreas skied the Pays Desert with some of Henry’s HAT team and Henry stayed on piste with some of his team members who just wanted a warm-up and some technique. Tansy was also about blasting around with Nico, and all in all the weather held and we all had a pretty good morning. (Chris and Thomas had the morning off) I didn’t take any pictures today so yesterday’s are still on Jean’s link.

Cross your fingers on the snow front as some people predict snow while others remain pessimistic. It is clouding over this afternoon so here’s hoping!

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