Much better than expected!

03 December 2011

For the first time this season I awoke to grey skies, which weren’t very inspiring. The clouds were hanging low in the valley however and the usually means there will be chance to get above the cloud bank, and fortunately that’s what happened. We had a new cast of characters this morning and I skied with Derek, Paul, Andy (new to ‘Alpine’) and Penny while Andreas skied with Clare C and Tilly and Thomas skied with Maeve and Adrian. Except for Penny it was everyone’s first turns of the season so we had a quick warm-up run before deciding the light was good enough to venture into the Pays Desert. The light improved as we went and all our first-morning-of-the-season skiers were pleasantly surprised at how good the snow was and a good morning was enjoyed by all.

We should get perhaps 10 cm’s of snow tonight, which would help, with the chance of more over the next few days. We really need it now as the Ski Club of Great Britain are arriving and the Pays Desert, which is the only off-piste show in town, can only support so much traffic. The Ski Club ski all day so several groups doing a few rotations per day will eat it up pretty quickly. (Jean Marc and Olivier arrive tonight and will be skiing with the Ski Club this week, and it will be great to see them.)

Millie is unwell and she’s been phoning me and sending me e-cards. I’m amazed with her computer skills as I’m struggling to send her one back. (Not surprising since I have trouble with texts) Anyway, thank-you, love Daddy.

Sports Report- I’m watching Villa v United with Johnny ‘Alpine’ tonight along with Dave Carr and Richard Finlay. It will be nice to see Richard again as everyone in town misses him and the entire Finlay’s organisation. And come on you Hammers!

PS Whoops! I just notice I cut off Paul’s upper body on the photos. Sorry Paul!

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