A good result in tough conditions!

04 December 2011

Five centimetres of snow fell in the village overnight and our little world looked totally different this morning. It was nice to walk to the bus with a little cushion underfoot instead of the tarmac for a change and it was visually pleasing to see the mountains looking whiter. We could have between 20 and 40 cm’s tonight with more forecast for tomorrow, so with a little luck the next few days might set us up to really get the season underway.

As for today’s skiing it was a little tougher as the Pissaillas Glacier was socked-in and with the poor visibility early on it wasn’t worth trying to go out into the Pays Desert. I decided to try ‘skinning’ up from the Col Poma and ski a little Combe back towards the Combe du Signal (parallel to the poma but out of sight). The visibility was much better below the Col and the top section was pretty good but once we joined the lower third, the snow was excellent. (You can access the same slopes by traversing the Combe du Signal from the top of the Signal poma, which is now closed.) Andreas stopped early because of Peter C’s sore back (and Clare’s slight hangover) so we picked Tilly up at the Signal Café and circled back around to do it again, and while ‘skinning’ Thomas caught us up and joined us as well. It was a cracking good result on a tough day and everyone was pleased with the morning. (It was Tim H’s first morning and he’s here for a couple of weeks while Andy really enjoyed his first taste of skiing with us.)

Sports Report- I wasn’t very happy with the Hammers result yesterday as we missed a great opportunity to move into first place as Southampton lost as well. West Ham totally dominated the game, which makes losing even more frustrating. In the Premiership City just keep getting better while United continue to win 1-0, but three points is three points! Good to see Arsenal winning again and with Tottenham and Chelsea in the mix it should be a fantastic season. I guess I shouldn’t write Liverpool off either for throwing a spanner into someone’s season.

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