Winter has arrived!

05 December 2011

Winter has arrived and John, Tilly, Derek, Tim and I were shut down this morning due to wind at altitude combined with the piste services needed to clear snow. About 20cm’s fell last night and it’s snowed lightly most of the day so far (it’s now 1:30PM) and heavier snow is forecast for this evening. Hopefully they’ll be able to open up La Daille tomorrow to open up some options. There was limited skiing today on the Tete du Solaise after a late opening but with the Ski Club and the UCPA vying for space and with Tilly and Derek needing to get to Geneva, I decided to give it a miss and have been painting our bedroom ceiling instead.

Jean Marc and Olivier have arrived and Pietro arrives this evening, so besides TJ we will all be here together for a couple of weeks, and that’s a rare occurrence these days. JM and Oli are skiing with the Ski Club while Pietro will be skiing with Maeve and Adrian before skiing with Fiona.

I’d like to wish Suzanne a happy-belated birthday from yesterday, and Tansy a happy birthday for today. Since I’ve got myself into trouble a few times over the years I won’t be reporting on their age!

Last night I had a wonderful evening with Peter and Clare C, Tilly, Derek, and Clare Burns at La Casserole. Tilly broke in her new ski boots under the table and we had some good laughs over dinner and wine. Thanks Peter and Derek! Remy and Danielle have arrived we bumped into them at La Casserole, and they both look like they’re on good form.

Not so long ago Red Ray reported that some of the canisters on the ABS-Airbags were faulty and when Chris had his checked a couple of days ago he found that he’d skied last season with a dodgy canister. So take your airbag into Jean Sports to verify that your airbag is working properly.

The village looks fantastic today with snow hanging on the trees and since Jean arrived yesterday I’m sure he’ll have taken some photos to post on the site. Winter as arrived and once again, Val d’Isere has delivered!

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