The snow continues!

06 December 2011

The snow continues and although this weather is exactly what we need, it doesn’t make for easy skiing. Hopefully more will open tomorrow but for the moment only the Tete du Solaise is open and everyone is being funnelled onto a few pistes, and with the flat light we don’t dare venture off the piste as we can’t trust the lay of the land. (The Fornet Glacier has been closed the past two days due to snow and wind) I skied a couple of run before John, Margaret, Tim and I stopped for a hot chocolate, and while at the Datcha Thomas came in with Maeve and Adrian. After warming up we did a beep search, which is always interesting as well as beneficial, then made our way back down. JM and Oli are entertaining the Ski Club while Andreas is skiing with Tansy, Pietro arrives tonight and Chris and Suzanne are not skiing today.

Louise will be our new secretary as of tonight, so please give Louise as much detail as you can until she gets to know you.

It’s been snowing all day and is set to continue through tonight and tomorrow, so it’s nice to see the pessimists proved wrong. Stay tuned!

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