That's more like it!

07 December 2011

Wow, what a morning after a slow start! It’s like just the old days as the snow is dumping it down with 40cm’s yesterday in the village and between 60 and 80cm’s at altitude. I was travelling light and skiing with Tim this morning and he and I, plus Andreas were on the first lift up Solaise. We wanted to be the first down the front side but the Pisteurs were waiting at the top stringing ‘Ferme’ signs across the entire piste. Andreas took the lift back down to meet his skiers while Tim and I had three runs on the Madeleine, which was jolly nice. We then decided the Pisteurs would have left so we headed back along with Jean Marc’s team to ski Solaise top-to-bottom, and boy was it good. (photos of Tim and JM) After two runs on Solaise Tim was knackered so we called it a morning and I returned home to hopefully finish off my painting. La Daille opened around 11:30 and Andreas went up for a look with the Langley reps he was showing about, and I’m sure JM and Oli will have tried La Daille as well for a change of pace.

It’s forecast to continue snowing all day and most probably through the night as well, and we may have clearer skies tomorrow morning before more snow moves in.

I ran into Radio Will yesterday and he’s in town for a month or so and will be helping Guffy out at the Pacific Bar. It was nice to see him and all listeners of Radio Val miss Will as he’s a hard act to follow.

I’m looking forward to some curry and Champions League Football tonight at Johnny ‘Alpine’s. John takes his curry and football seriously and doesn’t fool about on footie evenings, thanks John!

PS Thank you Millie and Katie for my fantastic Christmas cards!

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