Glorious sunshine but a slow opening!

08 December 2011

It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was excited to see some different sights as we’ve spent most of the season at the Fornet and the past few days on Solaise. Unfortunately, with all the snow and wind it was a little anticlimactic as it took forever for them to get the resort open and everyone was herded into fairly confined areas. On top of that, the avalanche risk was 4/5, and for the most part the snow was pretty dense and slightly ‘educational’. Still, no one is complaining as last week the fields were green but in the past three days we’ve had 152cm’s of snow in the village, and much more at altitude. In fact we’ve had roughly half of last seasons total snowfall already!

I tried some Movement Couloir skis this morning and I must say I was pleasantly surprised about how good they were on the piste. The piste were soft so I’d like to try them on firmer snow, but they seem like jolly nice skis.

Depending on what forecast you prefer to believe we should enjoy some sunshine again tomorrow and with a cold night much of the snow should loosen up a little and make for easier skiing. But, with a risk of 4/5 we’ll need to be very cautious unlike the skiers who are skiing the steep couloirs between the Marmottes and Marmottons at 2PM and getting away with it. Doesn’t seem fair really.

I made a mistake sending yesterday’s photos to Jean so he may post a couple along with today’s as there are some nice shots of Tim and Jean Marc. Merci Jean.

Thanks for the footie last night John. It was a great evening and I thought you took United being bounced out of Europe incredibly well!

PS Quite a contrast between yesterday and today on Jean’s photos.

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