What a cracking good morning!

09 December 2011

The sky was red this morning and initially it looked as if we were going to be dealing with flat-light. It was a little brighter towards the Fornet so Andreas and I headed up that way to find fantastic visibility on the Pissaillas Glacier. The glaciers has been closed for the past three days so there wasn’t a track in sight when we arrived and although the snow was compacted by the wind it was still lovely skiing in exposed areas, with nice loose powder in the gullies and protected slopes. I started off with the Combe du Geante, which was excellent with great ambience, and Henry wasn’t too far behind. Next up was the Combe du 3300, which was equally as good and Chris and Suzanne arrived and joined us for the ski down. Meanwhile, Andreas arrived from the Mattis area with Jeremy and Jerry, who arrived last night to kick off their season. They ‘skinned’ up to ski the Pays Desert from the top and they had a fantastic ski top-to-bottom, We all met to put on our ‘skins’ as we needed to walk out as the poma is still closed. After yesterday’s congestion it was wonderful to be on our own again and, so far this season, the Pissaillas has been outstanding.

We had a good ‘Alpine’ get-together last night at Chris E’s flat, where JM and Oli are staying. Thanks Chris! Anyway, we had JM, Oli, Andreas, Pietro, Thomas, Chris and myself, with everyone bringing something different such as soup, jambon cru, pizza, bread and cheese, salad, Chevallot desserts, and of course wine. JM and Oli showed us their pictures and video from South Georgia, and it looked like a once in a lifetime trip. (Check out the photos on the link from the Photo Gallery.) Impressive boys!

JM and Oli finished with the Ski Club today and are touring from the Chalet Colinn next week, and Pietro finished with Maeve and Adrian after a great ski at the Fornet. He starts tomorrow with Fiona and will be here for a few more days.

Stay tuned for more news and probably some sports tomorrow, especially if the Hammers win!

PS Henry wanted me to mention that he’s selling my book on his site. He says it’s an ideal Christmas present, which comes with postage, and who am I to argue. Thanks Henry!

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