A great result off the Motte!

10 December 2011

The sun was out in full force this morning and although it was tempting to head back to the Fornet Andreas and I decided to try Tignes for a change of pace and to have a look at the mountain. We were rewarded with some fantastic skiing from the top of the funicular as the Genepy piste hadn’t been groomed and there wasn’t a track in the entire sector. The snow was compacted by the wind and had a lovely creamy texture that supported well and you could really let rip on it. Further down the snow loosened up and let you sink in 5 to 10 cm’s and it was excellent skiing top-to-bottom. And just when we need some help the lower section from where you cut out of the Borsat down into Val Claret was beautifully pisted so we didn’t need to push out or scratch around. I skied it three times while Andreas skied two runs before trying the Lower Chardonnet, which was good value as well. Henry started off around the Marais before skiing the Lower Chardonnet en route to join me off the Motte. Henry lunched in Tignes while Andreas and I finished off with a decent Familial, and I’d rate the morning as a top result!

JM and Oli were skiing with Sasha and Johann (their boys) as well as Jo Moss and they skied the le Lievre Blanc before heading up and over the Col Pers, which was interesting. They start a week of touring tomorrow and have Catherine K and Chris E, both of whom were on the South Georgia trip, skiing with them.

I had a great lunch at the Billabong/Roxy Burger Bar with Tim today. My girls will be jealous as it’s their favourite place to eat in town. It’s a really good value lunch and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Tim! Meanwhile, Andreas was at Clive’s son Mark’s stag party and we all know how Andreas gets when he’s on the razz. Good luck Andreas!

Tansy brought Ness and Victor into the Gourmandine this morning and the two of them are on top form. It’s amazing how sweet other people’s children seem. Anyway, young Victor is chomping at the bit to get his ski season underway.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and the football games haven’t started yet so you’ll be spared on of my Sports Reports.

PS Chris skied with Suzanne and Pietro started with Fiona M this morning, and Jeremy will be pleased with Southampton’s 93-minute equaliser.

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