Ambience, scenery, wildlife, and outstanding skiing!

11 December 2011

Tomorrow’s forecast is for snow followed by snow on-and-off all next week, so we decided to take advantage of today’s beautiful weather and do some exploring. Andreas, Chris, Henry and I all started from the Borsat and skied the meadows down to the Grand Pre, which was a great warm-up. From there we all took various routes down the Tour du Charvet to find good creamy winded snow up top, with softer snow in the middle and some good powder towards the bottom. The scenery out there is wonderful and it’s always an added bonus to have the place to yourself. We also had a good wildlife display with some Gypete hovering above and we spotted a fox hole with signs of activity, and it absolutely stank when you got downwind of it.

We had planned on walking and pushing out at the bottom but they opened the Manchet Express this morning, which saved us a huge effort plus opened up the Arcelle sector for a follow up. We all skied slightly different ways down and Chris and I arrived in time to get into the Combe du Foin with only four tracks in front of us so we had a brilliant ski. And to finish off a fantastic morning we skied a terrific run down the Marmottons into the Marmottes, which is an areas that always gets my juices flowing!

Meanwhile, Pietro left some lovely tracks as he and Fiona ’skinned’ to Mont Roup and I’m not at all sure what Olivier and Jean Marc got up to today. They’ve a touring week this week so they’ll have gone off on an adventure somewhere.

Today’s cast had Tilly and James R skiing with Chris and Suzanne, Jeremy R and Jerry skied with Andreas, while I had John, Margaret, Jean R, and Tim. Dan S also came along to do some filming for his Silver Grey Sports Club website, which is about over 50’s and the various sporting activities that they get up to. He’s done a piece on John and Margaret, Jean R, Rob Cochran, Nikki Pitts, myself and a few others in town, and today he was working on shots with John, Margaret and Jean. (Dan did the interview and skiing video that was linked to the Daily Diary last season)

Anyway, what a morning and what a terrible Hammers result yesterday!

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