Not the easiest!

12 December 2011

After yesterday’s sun it was back to winter this morning. It started snowing around 8AM and continued to snow all morning and as I write at 2PM, it’s chucking it down! The wind picked up significantly during the morning and we felt lucky to get back from Tignes before they shut the connecting lifts down.

As for the skiing today, we all took it easy and skied off the Verte, lower Borsat and Chris finished with the Familial, but in between we mainly stayed on the pistes. Unfortunately John E hurt his back and needed to return to Val by taxi. He didn’t fall and his back just went on him while skiing the piste. I’ve tried to call to check on him but his phone has been busy, and hopefully he’ll be able to ski again in a day or two. (Just spoke to Margaret and John’s fine, but won’t ski for a day or two)

Andreas spent one-and-a-half hours doing a beep search with Jeremy and Jerry, so that shows you how tough the conditions were this morning. There isn’t the snow cover yet to have the confidence to ski off-piste in flat-light like we do most of the winter and it was a unanimous decision after a great few days to not push the boat out this morning. Speaking of Andreas’ team, Tim and I ran into them at the Burger Bar at lunchtime. That’s two day in a row for Jeremy, Jerry and Andreas, and two out of three for Tim and I. Addictive!

It’s forecast to snow all day and clear during the night with the temperatures dropping from -1C in the village this morning to -7C tomorrow. We may see some sun in the morning but it’s then forecast to snow during the week.

For you footie fans out there tonight’s match between Man City and Chelsea should be a beauty. I’ve never heard of Man United supporters cheering for Chelsea before!

With John’s injury I’d like to remind you of Louise’s Physio practice. She runs a great clinic and has Henry’s wife Ginnie working with her as well, so if you’ve injured yourself don’t hesitate to call Bonne Sante on 04 79 06 07 27.

PS Thanks Pat W for a lovely drinks party last night!

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