Bliss before the storm!

13 December 2011

It cleared overnight, which dried out the snow but by the time we arrived at the Gourmandine it was starting to cloud over and forecast to do so. It was a fifty/fifty call as far as the Fornet or Tignes and after some debate Chris, Andreas, Pietro and I headed up to the Fornet while Thomas and Henry skied towards Tignes. (I’m not too sure what JM skied).

After a good warm-up around the Mattis and Super L I managed to be the first into the Combe du Signal, which was quite poignant for me and everyone was paying attention and following procedures perfectly. Well done team! It was great skiing with ambience and from there we circled back up to ski the Grand Vallon, which was very good as well. We then moved on and headed up to the Glacier and had first-tracks in the Combe du 3300, which was beautifully protected and teriffic skiing. Up until then the light had been superb, much better than forecast and we felt very lucky to have had such good visibility. But the light faded as we finished off with the Pays Desert, which had great snow but we needed to feel our way down. My team of Michael R, Jean, Tim, Erik and Jackie skied and moved about the mountain really well and I was very pleased with them all.

Andreas had a group of Vikings and they enjoyed fanastic skiing and skied the same areas as my team, as did Chris, who had Julian, Mandy, James R, and Suzanne, and Pietro who was skiing with Fiona M. It was a wonderful morning and well done Andreas and Chris for tipping the balance towards the Fornet. (I haven’t heard from Henry and Thomas but I’m sure they had great skiing as well as they both had initiation groups.)

I thought I’d pop down to Bourg this afternoon to do some shopping before the snow moves in and I barely made it back up. The road was getting very slippery and made worse by drivers with summer tyres pulling over to put on their chains. I was thankful to be able to keep up my momentum and get up without the chain hassle.

Speaking of snow, here is last night’s forecast from Meteo France. Today: 5 to 10cm’s is expected but it’s already snowed more than that and it’s snowing moderately now at 5:30 PM. Wednesday: 15 to 25cm’s at 2000 metres. Thursday: 10 to 15cm’s with a chance of some clearer spells. Friday and Saturday: ‘Neige extremement important’. That means we are in for some huge snowfalls with high avalanche risk and very difficult driving conditions. Voila! Good luck to all of you who are travelling this weekend.

PS JM and Oli have been skiing alternate days with Chris E, Catherine K, John F (Johnny ‘Alpine’), Wynne and a new client named Robin. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone.

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