That was fun but I'm glad it's over!

14 December 2011

Wow, what an adventurous morning that turned out to be! We probably had at least 20 cm’s of new snow on the piste so Chris and I took advantage of the Fontaine Froide piste for a cracking good warm-up. From there we ventured off-piste on the Fontaine Froide (skiers left) and had excellent snow right to the bottom, where I managed to ski off a big wind roll in the flat-light and lost my skis and my poles. Fortunately I found them right where I left them and after a few minutes we were on our way again. We then skied off the Verte en-route to the Lower Borsat (another ski search) and then the meadows into Tignes, all of which were very good indeed. We then headed upstairs and skied off the Genepy, where I managed to ski off another terrain trap with a good drop and needed help from Chris to get me out as I was well stuck and was going nowhere. Chris then helped out enormously with the navigation as we were in pretty flat-light by this stage and needed to get ourselves back towards the piste. After arriving to the comfort of the piste markers we had great skiing on the piste (which was closed and empty) only to find that the lifts back to Val d’Isere were all closed. Fortunately they laid on a free bus, which just happened to leave about five minutes after our arrival and we returned to Val by 2 o’clock.

Meanwhile, I know that Oli opened with the Arcelle piste and walked out at the bottom, but I’ve no idea what he and Pietro skied after that. Andreas and Thomas had the day off and I didn’t see Henry this morning. Pietro returns home to Italy this afternoon while Suzanne is driving to Normandy tonight and Doctor Laura is driving back to England. We wish them all luck as it’s not the best of driving conditions.

I decked myself a season’s worth this morning so hopefully I’ve got it out of my system. I was skiing with Simon R for the first time in many years and he said, “Boy, I haven’t seen anyone take that many hits in ages!” Ahh, the joys of going first!

At 2:50 PM it’s throwing it down again as it builds towards a massive snowfall by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned!

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