A rare and beautiful sight!

16 December 2011

Another 60cm’s fell during the night in the village and it’s wonderful to see so much snow. Unfortunately we were shut down today as Tim, Mandy, James, Chrissy, Julian, and Michael all showed up ready to go. Chris was snowed in at the Laisinant so I combined my team with his and we bussed down to La Daille hoping the bubbles or the little chair would open. It became apparent that nothing was going to open so we had a hot chocolate at Les Tufs (thanks Tim), and when the Pisteurs said you’d need a mono ski on each foot to even make an attempt to ski the near-waist deep snow, it was time to call it a day. While waiting for a bus we witness two avalanches coming down on the opposite side of the valley and it’s now nice to be home. (Andreas and Thomas didn’t risk coming up and stayed home with their families. Good decision!)

I forgot to mention Michael R’s superb head-plant yesterday. Erik B and I were worried about him as he went straight in and couldn’t breathe, but he managed to wiggle his way free before Tim and Jackie could get to him.

I’ve taken some photos and there is a new link to my Photos of the Season on this page and they look best if you run them as a slide show. It’s not yet connecting properly as you get to the photos without any problems but you can’t get back into the site directly. Josie will hopefully sort it soon. (I’m sure Jean will have taken some photos from around the village this morning as he had the day off skis)

At noon the snow continues and it’s forecast to keep snowing all day and into the night.

PS The avalanche risk has now gone up to 5/5. (12:30 PM)

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