Everything's on hold!

17 December 2011

The storm is slowly claming down but with so much work to do security-wise to protect the village, skiing isn’t the main priority at the moment. With an avalanche risk at 5/5 the road from the Richards towards the Fornet is closed to vehicles, as is the road up towards the Chatelard. The road from Bourg up to the station is flowing much better today so those travelling today shouldn’t suffer the delays that some did yesterday, where it took up to five hours to arrive from Bourg. Ouch! It’s now 9:16AM and I’m meeting my clients in the shop at 10:30 as they got in late last night and need to get themselves organized. There’s no rush as things won’t open for quite some time, if at all. Stay tuned for further updates later in the day.

PS Chrissy and I went up to Chris E’s and had a great evening with JM, Chris, Catherine K, and Johnny ‘Alpine’. After some good laughs John, Chrissy and I had a lovely walk back into town into the teeth of the storm. It was snowing and blowing and it felt like a privilege to be witnessing such an event. All round good fun!

PSS Poor Chris is still snowed in on his own as Suzanne is in Normandy. I’m waiting for Wils and Rosie and their Dad Rob to arrive sometime this afternoon. Good luck to all!

PSSS No skiing again today but we should get back to business tomorrow. The temperature should drop to -20 at 2000m’s tonight and that will dry the snow out significantly. They’ve just managed to clear the road to the Fornet so Chris will thankfully be able to come out of hibernation. And a great win for the Hammers today!

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