December 11th and 12th

12 December 2007

December 11th

With colder overnight temperatures and only ten additional centimetres of fresh snow, there was no doubt that we were in for a great morning. When I awoke the cloud cover was thin meaning there was a good chance of decent light, and we weren’t disappointed when we broke into clear skies for the first few runs of the day. The snow was as good as it gets and with the avalanche risk at 4/5, caution was needed as un-skied slopes beckoned. Confidence was restored after yesterday when the snow was much heavier, and today will be a hard day to beat. Chris was in action and JM and Oli have the Ski Club all week, while Andreas has been teaching Ski Hosts the ropes. I spent the afternoon with John E as he’s building Millie and Katie some made-to-measure bunk beds as I await their arrival on Boxing Day, and then topped the day off watching Liverpool advance to the last sixteen of the Champions League. Another cold night is forecast with clear skies tomorrow and after all this snow it should be quite a sight.

December 12th.

It was -8C in town this morning under bright blue skies and with it were great expectations and snow quality that is as good as it gets. This season so far has been fantastic as it’s been the best start we’ve had in who knows how many years, but the last couple of days have been special. Olivier ‘opened’ the Kern in stunning snow and continued down through the forest and Jean Marc, who was following said, “I haven’t skied it so good in ten years”. (Probably longer really) The avalanche risk is still 4/5, but with the sun out people are getting around and helping to stabilise the snow-pack, which is helpful, but hopefully no one will get caught out. Many lifts are still closed such as the Signal, everything on the Glacier, the Manchet, the Grande Motte, but with so few people about there is plenty of skiing without getting involved in other skiers ‘powder frenzies’. I’m not sure of the forecast but Didier from Jean Sports says, “ sunny until Friday and then who knows?”

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