A good battle for the 'splat du jour'!

19 December 2011

It was my last day with the Cook’s and the Lambert’s as they move on to Chris for the next three days and we enjoyed another excellent ski. It snowed just enough to fill the tracks on moderate to gentle slopes and we skied a lovely warm-up in creamy snow off the Verte en-route to the Lower Borsat. Robert picked up what looked to be the ‘splat du jour’ when he hit some rubbish left behind by a piste basher, (that’ll teach us for skiing on the piste) but fortunately he was fine after really piling in. Anyway, the Borsat was very good and the meadows into Tignes were even better. We then went up and skied the edges of the Genepy piste down from the Motte and after last week’s adventure in that area I stayed close to the piste markers. (The Genepy is still closed) We passed some Pisteurs who were pulling out the piste markers that they could find as some had totally disappeared and others had about six-inches sticking up out of the snow. It looked like hard work as the markers were well frozen into the snow. From their we crossed paths with Henry and had a superb Familial to finish the morning.

Meanwhile JM was skiing with his family around the Mattis, as well as Andreas, Thomas and Chris. They all had some wonderful skiing in the Combe du Signal once the Pyramid Chair opened, and they all filled their boots in that area. Everyone had flattish light early on but it cleared around 11:30 or so and that gave the boys some good visibility to let rip in the Combe. Well done Chrissy!

JM, Andreas, Chris and I all skied this afternoon as well. I know Chris stayed and continued cutting into the Combe while Andreas and JM were going to ski the Lievre Blanc. (I’m not too sure what they skied after that) Meanwhile my team headed up Solaise to ski the Arcelle and to walk out at the bottom. It was pretty good skiing for the most part but I did manage to wrestle the ’splat du jour’ award away from Robert. After skiing along quite nicely my skis dove like a submarine avoiding depth-charges and I piled in head-first with my feet coming up-and-over, and I landed with the backs of my skis buried up to the heel pieces. I didn’t feel it at the time but stiffness is definitely going to set in before long.

Sports Report- What a match last night between City and Arsenal! Cracking good football from end to end and it could have ended up 4-3 instead of 1-0. What an advert for the Premiership! And well done to Lee Westwood who won another tournament over the weekend and he took over the World Number 2 spot form Rory. (They’re golfers for those of you who don’t care)

Stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow. Jean skied with Chris this morning and he’s posted a few photos.

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