4/5 with flat-light but maximum turns!

20 December 2011

Last night I looked out the window before going to bed and the stars were burning brightly in the sky and I thought, “Maybe we’ll be able to see tomorrow”. Fat chance of that! It was dumping it down this morning and it snowed pretty hard all morning long, but what I didn’t expect was perhaps the finest morning of the season so far. Everything that could go right did go right and my team managed to ski virgin pistes with lovely powder all morning long. They opened the Fontaine Froide and Borsat right in front of us, and after a hot chocolate stop when I thought we’d just ski down to finish the morning, they opened Tommeuses just as we were about to pass. Chris was on the first lift and we were a couple of chairs behind and Chris’ and my team had the piste to ourselves top-to-bottom. By the time we arrived at the bottom of Tommeuses they’d already closed it again. I skied my team of John, Margaret, Jean R, Peter B, Michael R, and Richard F really hard this morning, and they hung in there until 1:20PM. Bravo!

Chris skied with the Cook’s and Lambert’s, Andreas had Mark, Hen, Chrissy, Clare, and John D, Thomas was boarding with Ross, JM was skiing with Jo H, and Henry was out there as well. We all skied in the same sector as not too much was open and with a risk of 4/5 off-piste on piste was a great option, with some wonderful snow off the edges and between pistes. What a morning!

Although we enjoyed ourselves immensely this morning there was a tragic accident at 7AM on the road to Bourg this morning. A young woman from Ste Foy hit a big lorry and was killed and her passenger had a heart attack and also died. The road was shut for quite some time and Andreas, Tansy, and Thomas were delayed getting up the mountain while the rescue services dealt with the situation.

My girls are arriving next Monday so I’m off to finish a bit of painting, tidy up, get the tree organized and that should keep me busy this afternoon. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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