Still 4/5!

21 December 2011

It didn’t really snow much overnight and this morning we had a ‘light bulb’ in the distance, which gave us decent visibility for a flat-light day. The wind worked the snow over last night and although it was still very good in places it wasn’t as easy as yesterday when you couldn’t put a foot wrong. I was feeling a little emotional this morning with missing my girls and the anniversary of David’s accident looming, but we managed a pretty good morning around Bellevarde, the Borsat, and Tommeuses. Chris, Thomas and Henry were in the same neighbourhood and Andreas changed sectors part way through the morning and joined Jean Marc around the Mattis area, where they had some excellent skiing down low.

Chris, Andreas and JM are skiing all-day and are still up around the Mattis and the Pyramid as I write.

Although it’s very bright at 2:20 this afternoon there are some nice flakes falling and this incredible sequence of snowfalls continues, although we should start to see some sunnier days soon. I’m hoping for good weather on the 26th so the journey to Lyon and back to pick up my girls is simple and safe. I don’t fancy dealing with slippery roads and chains and fortunately the forecast for Monday is good. Yahoo! And Andreas is looking forward to his Dad arriving this evening for a week’s visit.

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