Much better visibility this morning!

22 December 2011

The visibility improved drastically today, although there was some low cloud drifting about that was fog-like if you were unlucky enough to be in it, and we profited with a cracking good morning. We all headed Tignes-way with Andreas, Thomas and Henry skiing the Campanules, Lognan and Chardonnet while Chris and I skied the Borsat and Combe des Lanches. I finished with a Col des Fresse and Familial, and most of the boys finished in the Familial as well. We had moments with some compacted snow and some wonderful pitches of good deep powder, and it all added up to another fantastic morning. The avalanche risk was lowered from 4 to 3/5 this morning as the mountain is slowly stabilising itself. Red Ray has arrived and joined us half-way through the morning and Peter C managed his first off-piste morning due to a very sore back. He did well as they covered a lot of ground plus needed to hike up to the Chardonnet, so bravo Peter! And good work this morning Andreas and Thomas.

I skied with Wils and Rosie and their Dad Rob this afternoon and we’re out to the burger bar this evening. Millie is jealous as it’s her favourite place to eat. I’m really looking forward to picking them up on the 26th, hurry up girls! Meanwhile Andreas’ Dad has arrived from Sweden along with Tansy’s Mum and Dad from Albertville and they’re having a great time down the valley.

Henry wanted me to mention Richard’s ‘skier of the morning’ award yesterday and I must mention Penny’s this morning, who shredded the trickier snow beautifully! I was very impressed Penny!

We all know how you can mend anything in the world with duck tape but Henry came up with a new use the other day. He arrived at the Gourmandine and duck taped all his crevasses. He must have taped up three or four fingers. Nice one Henry! (crevasses are where your fingers spilt along the nail due to the cold and they hurt like hell!)

I must go as the burger bar is waiting. A demain.

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