Something from nothing!

24 December 2011

After yesterday’s sunshine it was back into flat-light, which was accompanied by a wicked wind. Fortunately it started snowing lightly around 5AM and the new snow would become a factor during the morning. Andreas and I bussed down to the Funival, which opened as we arrived and once we turned into the wind it felt like it was going to be a tough morning. The first run down was difficult as the wind had ripped any new snow away down to the piste and I thought it was going to be a short morning. Once below La Folie Douce is was much calmer and there was some lovely fresh snow on the pistes to lift the spirits. Back up top they opened Bonnevie’s Drag for us and we profited from 5 excellent runs as no one was about and there was just enough protection from the wind to give us 10 to 20cm’s of soft creamy snow. We mixed in a run or two under Mont Blanc, a couple through the trees to the bottom, back to Bonnevie’s for a couple more and Chris, Andreas and I all finished with the Fontaine Froide onto the Epaule du Charvet. It turned out to be a jolly good morning and was especially satisfying as during the first run it looked like a very tricky morning. (Henry, Thomas, Chris, Andreas and I were all in action this morning.)

I’m on my last-minute preparations for the girls arriving Monday night so sorry for the short update.

After skiing in pretty flat-light all morning it’s cheered up considerably this afternoon and more lifts will slowly open during the afternoon. Tomorrow may be similar to today but then it’s forecast to clear up and be sunny from Sunday through to Thursday.

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