See you tomorrow night girls!

25 December 2011

Wow! What a fantastic ‘Merry Christmas’ ski this morning turned out to be. We had perfect blue sky with brilliant sunshine, and the snow was jolly good as well! Andreas, Chris and I all headed towards Tignes and we warmed up off the Verte before skiing some great snow in the Lower Borsat. From there Andreas hiked up to the Chardonnet while Chris and I came in underneath and the snow was very good indeed. My team then had a good pitch off the Grand Huit en route to the Aiguille Percee lift (photo of Chrissy) and from there we all skied our first Sache of the season. We had an atmospheric walk along the ridge to get in but the effort was definitely worth it. The top was pretty good but the middle and bottom sections were superb, and it was nice to be back out there again. All the teams finished with a good Familial and it was a perfect Christmas morning. (Jean was ill this morning so today’s photos are on my Photos of the Month link)

Tomorrow will be an emotional day as it’s the anniversary of David’s tragic accident and then after 33-days I’ll be seeing Gill and the girls again as I pick them up at the airport in the evening. Chrissy and I would like to say thanks to Gilly U for her emails, and to everyone in general for your wonderful support. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and Merry Christmas to you all!

PS Thank you Richard and Suzy for a lovely evening last night. I’m surprised Ray could ski today!

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